Oclean X
Smart Toothbrush with Touch Screen

Shift Your Brushing into High Gear

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Oclean X Good Design 2019

Small Yet Powerful

Magnetic Brushless Motor

  • Max.Torsion
    Strong output, effectively
    remove stain and plaque.

Blind Zone Detection. Never Miss a Spot!

Built-in 6-axis gyroscope to detect brushing motion, motion which generate instant reports.

Brushing Time
Blind zone reminder
(Red indicates blind zones)

Two in One Charger+ Holder

Magnetic wall - mouted holder + Charging Base

Non-metal Tufting

3D Designed Bristles, Effective Cleaning

  • Higher filament roundness rate for a gentle brush. Each filament is grinned to either full round or semi-round. The roundness rate is higher than the international standard.
  • High tufting density for a higher level of cleanness.
  • 3D designed bristles for better fit.

A Brush Mode Just for You

Brushing duration

Blind zone detection Over-brushing zone detection

Two in One
Charger + Holder

Magnetic Charging Base

Effortless Matching

  • 2hours
    Hour fast charge
  • 30days*
    Super long battery life
* The battery life is 40days at Level 1 and 20days at Level 32.

IPX7 Waterproof

Only 99g Weight