Oclean S1
Smart UVC Toothbrush Sanitizer

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Tribute to the classic Emeralite lamp
Take you back to 1909

Give new connotations to the "drawstring" and integrate the retro trend into intelligent technology. Every morning when the sun rises, it seems to be back in the last century in a trance. The bank lamp originated in the United Kingdom, and the soft light reflected by its green lampshade is not easy to cause visual fatigue.

A slight pull to start
Easy to use

Built-in Hall Switch. Safe and energy-saving. Stand-by when mounting on the wall sticker, automatically off when removing from the wall sticker.

Gold wave ultraviolet rays
can destory 99.9% bacteria

UVC LED emits UVC light with high photon energy, destroy the molecular structure of DNA/ RNA in bacteria/virus, killing the growing and regenerative cells, to sterilize the surface of toothbrush and brush head.

Auto-sterilizing every 6 hours
Smart and Convenient

Automatic sterilization for 2 mins every 6 hours.

Friendly designed blue indicator light
To remind avoiding UV radiation

Built-in two sets of LED lights, UVC + blue LED indicator. Since UVC is invisible, the blue LED is designed to remind that device is in working status.

Punch-free Detachable
No marks upon installation

3M wall sticker ,Tight installation.Detachable toothbrush holder slot, easy to remove for cleaning.When charging is needed, remove the sterilizer from wall sticker, safe and clean.

Multiple toothbrush holder slots available
Compatible with multiple devices to save storage space

The three-size card slot design can fit most mainstream brand toothbrushes, electric
toothbrushes and some razors on the market.

Hang the toothbrush on the wall
A new storage method Refresh your sink

Keep away from the damp and chaotic walls, reduce the chance of bacterial growth,
and keep the sink dry for a long time.

Chaotic desktop
Easy to breed infected bacteria

Store razors, toothbrushes, etc.
behind the toothbrush sterilizer

Brand New Packaging

Double protection + unibody designed packaging
Safe and easy to use.

*User manual x1, Wall sticker x1, USB charging cable x1, Sterilizer x1

Intimate details

  • Three color indicator
    White breathing lamp - charging
    Green always on - full charge
    Flashing red - charging required

  • Type-C charging interface
    2.5 hours fast charging
    20 day long term service life

  • Retro drawstring design
    A gentle pull
    Wireless suspension is more beautiful

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