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What is a sonic electric toothbrush?

Sonic electric toothbrush, also known as sound wave electric toothbrush, is a magnetic levitation motor as a power source. Driven by the toothbrush head in accordance with high frequency vibration to achieve a new experience of brushing teeth.

What advantages does the sonic electric toothbrush have compared to a rotary electric toothbrush?

Sonic electric toothbrush cleans the surface of the teeth and at the same time drives the flow of water to wash away any food residue stuck on the blind area within the mouth. While the rotary electric toothbrush is not suited for the people with sensitive teeth or first time users, the motor mainly relies on the brush and tooth surface friction clean and makes unnecessary noise.

Does the Oclean One damage your teeth?

For the people with normal teeth (no oral sensitivity), proper use of the Oclean One will not damage the teeth and will also have good cleaning effect. (People suffering from oral sensitivity should consult their dentist before using this toothbrush)

How often do I have to charge the Oclean One?

Oclean One has a battery life of up to 60 days, when the toothbrush power gets down to 10%, the power button will flash red and a voice message will remind you to charge the toothbrush. The Oclean One has a built-in 2,600mAh lithium battery, which can be charged up to 300-500 times, the charge lasts for about 60 days so it only needs to be fully charged 6 times in a year.

I have braces, can I use an electric toothbrush?

Electric toothbrush does not affect your braces, professional dentists recommends using electric toothbrush on braces as it easily removes any food residues stuck on the braces.

What are the advantages of an electric toothbrush compared to a manual toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes have the following advantages over manual toothbrushes:

1. Electric toothbrush cleans more thoroughly and long-term will whiten the teeth.

Many people do not brush their teeth thoroughly that results in lot of bacteria and food compiling on the tooth surface. Over time that will create black plaque and form calculus which can be hard to remove. Electric toothbrush has high-speed vibration that completely cleans the tooth surface so it effectively removes plaque, prevent the production of calculus and make your teeth healthier. In addition, regular use of electric toothbrush can gradually whiten the teeth whereas manual toothbrush is not very effective on in-depth clearing and whitening.

2. Electric toothbrush is safer and has less wear on teeth than manual toothbrush.

An electric toothbrush is designed to break the toothpaste into tiny bubbles with the help of high speed vibration. It drives the water to remove the residues stuck between teeth. Many number of studies have shown that electric toothbrushes are safer than manual toothbrushes it does not harm the soft tissues and gums inside the mouth.

3. Reduce bleeding gums and prevents variety of oral diseases

Exports reports that bleeding gums is not caused by brushing too hard but mostly due to not brushing properly. Harmful bacteria near the gums generates germs which simulates gums bleeding. The electric toothbrush compared to manual toothbrush can remove more than 38% of the bacteria on the teeth and reduce the bleeding rate of the gums by 60%.

Can Oclean One electric toothbrushes be used by children?

Oclean One is an adult electric toothbrush. Oclean will introduce a toothbrush specially designed for children later on.

Is the Oclean One waterproof?

The main body of the toothbrush and the charging base are all IPX7 grade water-resistant, and the toothbrush can be directly washed under the tap after brushing. Normal use will not cause the toothbrush to malfunction. It is water-resistant but not waterproof so do not go diving with your Oclean One :p

How long can brush be used for?

When the brush head is used for a long time, the surface of the brush will be bifurcated and the hardness is reduced due to fatigue. The cleaning power will be greatly reduced. Dentists recommend replacing the head brush every 2-3 months to obtain better cleaning effect.

Why the sound of my Oclean One seems to be broken?

There may be either insufficient power or there is water inside the speaker. If the battery is low, it is recommended to charge first. If there is water in the speaker, please gently shake a few times the back of the toothbrush so the water can get out.

Is it normal that I feel uncomfortable the first time I use the sonic toothbrush?

Yes this is a normal phenomenon. The first brushing is a new experience for your teeth and gum. The cleaning strength may result in bleeding gums, feeling discomfort and other conditions; sometimes the toothbrush will touch the tooth but no worries, it is safe.

Product advantages

1) Sonic motor: Oclean One use best-in-class next generation sonic motor from Kotl. Its vibration frequency is up to 42,000 vibration / min

2) Brush head: made of DuPont & German Pedex bristles and is certified by the FDA. That top grade bristle material offers ultra-high density and 1.4 times that of ordinary toothbrush. 

3) Battery life: Oclean One is equipped with a 2,600mAh battery, through the magnetic fast charge technology, the Oclean One charges from 0 to 100% in only 3.5 hours and can then be used for 60 days.

4) Application: Truly smart application allowing full customization of the brushing experience.

Product Details

How to remove and install the brush head?

When removing the brush head, please pull it out directly in the direction of the handle of the toothbrush without turning. When inserting, the triangular part of the brush head surface is aligned with the power button of the toothbrush body, and it can be inserted. After installing the brush head, please confirm whether the brush head is tightly inserted to avoid loosening of the brush head.

How to clean the brush head?

Hello! Rinse the brush head and bristles directly with water after each use, and dry naturally. Do not pull the bristles, which will deform them and cause them to fall off.

Is the charging base waterproof?

Hello, Oclean Air charging base has waterproof performance. It is not recommended to wash it with water. It is recommended to wipe the stain on the charging base with a soft cloth when cleaning the charging base.

Is the body waterproof?

Hello! The body is IPX7 waterproof standard (30 meters in 1 meter deep water, will not affect the normal use of the product), after brushing, you can directly wash the body.

Which mode can reach 40,000 rpm?

Dear users, this is the case: Oclean Air's micro-motors developed in conjunction with KOTL can reach a maximum operating state of up to 40,000 rpm. Laboratory tests have shown that we can show you laboratory reports if you need them. . According to our R&D tests, Oclean 's best cleaning power is not at the limit speed, because the cleaning force is related to the swing amplitude, torque, amplitude and other factors, while the Oclean electric toothbrush has an intelligent control chip. frequency, so we updated in subsequent brushing program, product firmware, continue to adjust specific parameters of each file to run, it is best to open the main operating state debugging, thank you for your product based on the actual performance of the cleaning effect Oclean Concerns, because we have been working hard to apply the latest research and development, to create a better cleansing product for users!

If you accidentally get it, it will break and you can't start it?

Hello, according to the national three guarantee policy, non-human damage free replacement during the warranty period, man-made damage can be replaced by a new one, your this is not covered by the warranty, please do not continue to use after the toothbrush breaks, otherwise the water will enter the host to the motor And the battery is damaged, it is recommended that you send it to the after-sales center to check the quote for a new one, thank you!

Does the toothbrush automatically jump gear?

Hello! Our toothbrush supports the mobile phone Bluetooth APP push solution. Compared with the traditional electric toothbrush, she can define the speed gear and mode of each node; if there is a jump, it is possible that your electric toothbrush is set to some There is a scheme for skipping functions , so the force and mode will be automatically jumped in the middle.

Is the vibration frequency suddenly large and small?

The reason the vibration frequency can suddenly large and small can is? 1, opened intelligent AI Tooth function, when the user presses the intensity is relatively small when the toothbrush into the idling operation state (only vibration does not swing); 2, machine run a replacement brushing surface remind every 30 seconds; 3, brushing process It is divided into several paragraphs, each paragraph has 30 seconds. When the scheme contains multiple strengths and modes, the frequency will change. 4. The whitening mode is used, and the motor will continue to slow down. It is the characteristic of this mode.

The APP shows that the power is 50%, the customer's toothbrush flashes red, prompting to charge?

Hello! Please confirm that the APP and firmware are the latest version. If it is not recommended to upgrade to the latest version, the data is transmitted via Bluetooth . Sometimes the new Bluetooth number may cause data synchronization delay. Please take the toothbrush button breathing light as the standard. When the button light is red, it indicates that the toothbrush has entered the low battery state. Please charge it at this time, thank you!

Need to charge first time?

Hello! When using for the first time, if it can be turned on normally and there is no low battery reminder, it can be used normally. When the button flashes red, it can be recharged.

What if I can't charge?

Hello! Please check if the charging base is in good contact with the charging ring at the bottom of the main body. If it is not yet rechargeable, please contact the Oclean After Sales Center.

How do you know if the battery is full?

 When charging, the body opening key will show that the breathing light is flashing, and when it is long, it indicates that the battery is fully charged.

How to monitor the battery level?

 Hello! Oclean has a display on the mobile app side. You can log in to the mobile app to check. When the power is less than 20%, the Oclean Air button will be flashing red. Please charge it at that time.

How to charge?

Use the power cord for the Oclean Air electric toothbrush, place the toothbrush on the charging base, and plug the USB jack into the USB charging head for charging. Please use the USB charger with standard voltage of 5V, such as smart phone charger, mobile power supply and other USB charging devices for charging. It is recommended that the standard charging current is 1A and above, and the bottom ring charging indicator is on, indicating that the charging is normal.

When does the toothbrush need to be recharged?

When the button indicator is flashing red, it indicates that the toothbrush is low power. Please charge it in time.

What is the battery capacity?

Oclean Air sonic electric toothbrush intelligent battery capacity 800mAh, used twice by one day at full charge, the calculated every two minutes, can last about 30 days.

Oclean F1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush User Manual

Oclean F1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush User Manual

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