Oclean Air

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Small and Mighty

The Oclean Air packs a punch in a compact, easy-to-transport brush that's 30% smaller than traditional electric toothbrushes

A Brush Made Just for You

Personalized brushing plans help you get the results you want

• Three brushing modes (cleaning, whitening, and massage)
• Four intensity settings
• The ability to create thousands of customized plans

Battery Charge


Hour fast charge


Super long battery life

Keep It Clean

The Oclean Air’s anti-bacterial finish and waterproof body
make it easy to wash and keep clean.

Track your Results

Use the Oclean app to get valuable insights on your brushing habits, and track your progress to a healthier, happier smile.

Strong… and Sensitive

The Oclean Air is equipped with an intelligent system designed to protect your teeth’s enamel and gums from damage caused by over-brushing - reducing brush speed and frequency when too much pressure is detected.

Shift Your Brushing into High Gear

The Oclean Air features a revolutionary magnetic levitation motor that allows users to select the intensity that’s right for them, up to 40,000 brush strokes per minute.

  • 5.5mm
  • 40000rpm
  • 220gf.cm

A Clean Sweep

The Oclean Air features DuPont and Pedex diamond brush heads that offer superior cleaning power. Each brush is multifaceted, and shaped to provide more surface area for a deeper, more thorough cleaning.


Product Specification

  • Size,Weight

  • Motor

    Max Frequency   40000 rpm
    Max Torsion   220 gf.cm
    Max Oscillation   5.5mm
  • Input

    Power   1.8W
    Rated Input   5V/1A
    Charging Mode   Magnetic USB Fast Charge
  • Working Mode

    Mode   Cleaning / Whitening / Massage
    Force   Level 1-2
    Plan   12 Basic plans, Support customization
  • Battery

    Capacity   800mAh lithium battery
    Charging Time   2.5 Hours
    Duration   30 Days
  • Brush Head

    Type  Standard Diamond
    Filaments  DuPont Tynex Brilliance
  • Wireless Connection

    Bluetooth    4.2 BLE
    Supported System   iOS 8.0 or heigher
                   Android 4.4 or heigher
  • Weight 95g